My Travel Map – Past, Present and Future

One day I was bored (with my lifestyle it was more likely 5 minutes of boredom) and decided to count the countries and cities I’ve been to. The result was 19 countries, which is 9% of the whole world, and 31 cities. You can see all of them on the map below.


I thought it would be great to remember those amazing trips once again and share it with you. I hope this will give some answers to people who like asking me where I’ve been to and why I’ve been there:)

1.Starting from the left to the right – USA

I’ve been to the USA twice – in New Jersey, visiting New York. Even though the trip wasn’t caused by a good occasion, it was amazing because I’ve shared the best memories with my dad and sister. For the first time in my life I saw the ocean and those big shells; tried the American fast food; saw the skylines and the beautiful showcases, decorated for Christmas.

2.Dominican Republic

Me and my family have flown to Punta Cana some years ago. As the majority of people, we flew there for a holiday. Bright blue water and white sand, palm trees, family happiness and a tan in the middle of December will always stay in my memories.

3.The Netherlands & Belgium

This was a spontaneous trip to my mom, while she was in the Netherlands. She comes there once a year and that time I decided to come and join her. It was my first time there and I was extremely impressed by the tulips, cheese, fish and people:) I’m sure this country has so much more to show!

During the same trip we decided to do the Spontaneous girls trip to Belgium for the good views, hot coffee and the Belgium waffles, of course.



4. France

My first time in Paris was a trip with my ex boyfriend on the Valentine’s Day (14/02/2015). It was a romantic adventure as well as the present for each other. I can only say I fell in love with Paris. And I don’t know if it happened because I was in love in this city or because Paris was actually impressing. I really miss Paris and planning to go there very soon.


5. Spain

Barcelona is love! I don’t know a person who was not impressed by this city. During Summer 2015 I met my family and our friends in Spain, after half a year of studying in Germany. We went to Calafell (100 km from Barcelona) for a small holiday and visited Barcelona for a couple of times.



6. Italy

Summer 2015, my first time traveling alone and actually paying by my own:) I’ve worked half of the summer in order to go to Milan and Verona for 4 days in August. It was a very weird trip, because when you are alone 24/24 for four days without talking to people and without social media almost all the time, you constantly think about life and get to know yourself like never before. Few things I remember very accurately – it was extremely hot that I couldn’t even sleep at nights; a lot of nice pizza and the best breakfasts (you probably know it’s the most important evaluation criteria for me).




7. South Africa & Hungary

These are the most recent trips of mine. I’ve written quite a lot about it. For example, you can read about food in South Africa here and here, about my impressions of SA here and here, and to get to know the Capetonian guys you can following this link. Hungarian girls trip was a blast, and in case you’re interested why we went there, go here.



Probably the best teenage memories. I was 14 and was dancing in a show ballet. We were invited to the international dancing festival and I was bagging my parents to let me go there with all my friends. I think I was crazy in love with someone from my team, without him even knowing about it. I remember the crazy 30h drives there and back, sharing the room with my best friends (at that point of time) and obviously not sleeping at nights, getting ready for pool parties and a lot of dancing, of course.


There’s still 91% of the world to explore. I’m looking forward to the next year to see what it’s got for me. In the beginning of 2016 I would never think that I’ll end this year in South Africa, it is crazy, but it’s reality, my reality and my life. And I feel very happy to experience all these things and not to be scared of them. I’m sure we all have chances the life gives us, but not everyone is able to notice them, to react and not to be scared. Think about it and start doing something!

I hope the next year has even crazier surprises for me. Maybe Asia this time?;)

#1month5countries – What, Why and How?

South Africa, Cape Town

As you all know, the last 6 months I’ve spent working in South Africa. As a Moldovan citizen, I need to have a visa in order to enter SA. Initially, the SA embassies allow you to enter for 3 months only, but with a right to extend the visa. And this was the plan. Very often such procedures go wrong in SA, and mine wasn’t an exception. By mistake VFS has renewed my visa for a shorter period of time than needed, which has shortened my time in South Africa for 2 months. I was very upset, but I couldn’t do anything about it because of the lack of time. My best friend, who was in Germany at that point of time, wasn’t very upset about this situation and just told me, as a joke,: “Stop by Germany when flying back home, for my birthday”. I just told her that I won’t make it, because it will be very expensive, but the ticket ended up being twice cheaper when flying to Germany and in a few days it was booked. On 14th of November I flew to Germany, with a sore heart and plans about coming back.


Germany, Stuttgart

From the sunny and warm Cape Town I flew to the cold and gray Frankfurt, wearing my warmest sweater and the summer coat (the only warm things I’ve taken to SA). From Frankfurt I drove to North of Stuttgart and then to my friend’s place, located in the small German town, freezing, hopelessly waiting for the delivery of the ordered winter clothes and spending so much money to get home (Germany is very expensive in terms of transportation). My people know that I’m not the biggest fan of Germany, unfortunately. I’m staying there just because of my studying and can’t wait to relocate to my dream country and settle down at least for a while. This time I came to Germany to see all my friends, pack my winter stuff preparing for a cold winter in Moldova and to celebrate my bestie’s birthday, of course.

Hungary, Budapest

How we decided to go to Budapest is a completely different a story. It was the most spontaneous, crazy and funny trip. I should say, I’ve never travelled to a different country with my friends. I’ve travelled a lot by myself, with my family or simply met my friends in a certain country. But never with my best friends, especially with @carlawestfitnessblog. Yes, we’ve been to SA together (what can be better?!), but we didn’t plan a trip together, counting days, organizing hotels and booking flights. So, it was my first time.:) And I must say it’s amazing. It’s simply started with my phrase “would be cool to go somewhere for your birthday”, even though the initial plan was to go to a random club in the boring Germany. I’m happy I convinced her! Even though I was thinking million times after that whether I want to do it after the days of flying and if I can actually afford it. And in 20h after my arrival to Germany we are heading to Budapest. Getting there and back was more crazy than the actual trip: being late for almost everything, running with the bags and sweating in the underground, spending so much extra cash (again on tickets) and sneakily sipping wine in the train (so weird, it’s not allowed in Germany!). But we made it to Budapest, and here started one of the best trips of my life with kilometers walked, uncountable wine bottles drank and abs, sore from laughing (literally). Sometimes I forget that I’m only 20 and I should experience trips like this, and not to be too serious and conservative all the time. Thanks girls for letting me being myself and being so bubbly and hyper, even for a short time!:)

Btw, if you want to read and see more about our Budapest Birthday trip, go to Carla’s blog @carlawestfitnessblog.



Italy, Milan

Even though I was super tired after the week full of travelling, my trip to Milan was planned even before I bought the ticket to Germany. And honestly, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet my past classmate Valeria, now I’m even surer in it! But the main purpose was simply a ticket back home. Flight from Milan to Chisinau was literally 10 times cheaper than the same flight from Frankfurt, not even mentioning Stuttgart. Saving so much money, visiting my beloved Italy and spending time with one of the most inspiring people I’ve met. There was obviously nothing that could change my choice. On 24th of November at 6AM I headed to Milan from Stuttgart (nearly missing my bus as always) and at 3PM I already met Valeria in Milan. By the way, the road to Milan is something unbelievably amazing! I’ve never seen something like this in my life! Mountains and lakes, beautiful landscapes; the bus is driving right in front of everything. I would take this bus just to see it again, or rather make a road trip and stay at least for a while in these beautiful places.


Milan was very warm and rainy, but it couldn’t make it look worse. Milan is always amazing. It’s my second time there and I absolutely love its vibe, it’s very charming and inspiring. Especially if your friend shows you the best places (not touristic!). We went to a few local designer shops, drove to Corso Como for an unusual Photo Exhibition and ate at the trendy vegan place. Finished with a glass of red wine in her cozy flat, spending a few hours just talking. Want to thank you Valeria for the warm welcome and a lot of inspiration! I’ll be waiting for you in our common country!:) The next morning I headed to the last destination in my list, sleeping in total of 3 hours in the last two days.

Moldova, Chisinau

And here I am! Moldova, my country. ❤ I always miss it, because of my family and many memories. And also can’t spend here too much time, seems to be too small for me (big cities gurl, yo). Right from the plane you can feel the Moldovan mentality ❤ Can’t say anything good I’ve noticed in the airport, but Moldovans will know what I mean. 🙂 Just a very noticeable difference in the behavior, but at least this nation is very easy to distinguish. I remember when I was living in Moldova, many things were annoying and disturbing me. Now, I look at it with a smile.

I landed on 25th of November, which is the 68th birthday of my Grandma!<3 She didn’t know that I’m coming, it was supposed to be a surprise. And it was a great surprise! At first second she didn’t even realize it’s me, because I had to be in SA and was supposed to be blond!:) But she was very very happy to see me, we are very close. South African organic Rooibos & Honeybos tea together with the nougat was the best possible present for her. And my grandma, who doesn’t recognize any tea, but black, said that Rooibos is her favorite tea now!

I’ll stay home for a bit more than a month, working and trying to rest, which doesn’t seem possible. I’ll celebrate my Christmas and New Years with my closest people, will clean my head and will start my 2017 in a completely different and almost new country for me – The Netherlands.


This trip was very exhausting, yes. It was stressful and in some moments costly, yes. But it brought so many emotions, so much inspiration and SO MANY MEMORIES. And if you ask me, I’ll definitely say it was worth it. We should do crazy things and spend our hard-earned money on memories, we will be remembering in our 70s. Don’t sleep 3 nights in a row, spend half of your salary on the next trip, instead of buying that cool watch and experience life! ❤ 


Dating the Capetonian guy – Everything you should know about them.

Русская версия внизу!/Scroll down for the Russian version!;)

How do you imagine a Capetonian guy?! A tanned surfer with the sunkissed long hair?:) Apparently this is how I’ve imagined him before coming here. Also I was convinced that they are handsome and fit (which turned out being truth), based on the Instagram accounts and through some of my SA friends. But when I came here, everything I’ve heard was: “Never date a Capetonian or a typical Stellenbosch guy, unless you want to only “have fun””.  When planning a long holiday trip or even moving here, it is good to know what to expect from them. I don’t have experience in being in a relationship with a Capetonian (not counting a few dates), so I decided to analyze it by interviewing people who have. I’ve asked these people questions about their general opinion about Capetonians, expectations, their preferences, the first date… They have different stories, differet opinions, but all of them have few points that actually build the image of the Capetonian guy.  So, here we go – 5 girls, 5 stories, 4 nationalities. Enjoy!


M (34), South Africa: “Capetonians are the completely different population, even different from Cape Town’s surroundings. When the season comes they want to be single, because of a lot of beautiful girls in Cape Town. I don’t really go for the Capetonian guys, to be honest. Why? I don’t know, it just doesn’t work out, I’ve always dated foreigners. Maybe it means something. Capetonians are all into fitness and looking about themselves; are very health conscious. You can always expect six-pack and the exterior bleacks. They are handsome and very mixed. You will get all the nationalities here. They don’t put much effort about dressing. First date – flipflops. Continuing with the first date, Joburg guys will always pay, Capetonians – depends. But I, as a SA girl, would expect them to pay. He would invite you for drinks in the evening or at the sunset. The hotspot where they are most likely to talk to you – bars, events, markets, the First Thursday. Btw, did you know that the Signal hill is the kissing point? Capetonians like down to earth girls, all about health, nature, feminine & natural (no make-up). Guy would expect you to be laid back in dressing on a first date, but I have my rules, and I always like to dress up and look beautiful. Advice: be yourself, but still keep a little bit of mystery for them being intrigued and wanting more!”


A (31), Moldova: “They love themselves a lot. I’ve dated a guy, who worked as a fitness trainer. I think he loved his abs more than he loved me. We’ve been together for an year. He didn’t really commit into this relationship. I remember, he wanted to “help” me once. He has his own apartment, and instead of suggesting me to start living together, he suggested me to move into his apartment and to pay him for that. The biggest and probably the only surprise he made was a teddy bear + some roses, which can’t be compared to the surprises Russian guys make. One of my friends even’s experienced a funny story. Her Capetonian crush suggested to cook a dinner at her place. He bought the products, they cooked the food, ate and at the end of the evening, when he didn’t get the “desirable”, he took all the food till the last piece and left. What can you say about paying in the restaurant then. It’s more the exception, than the rule. Just to compare, Russian would never let you pay. Pluses – good bodies, funny and sporty. Minuses – don’t want to commit in any way, get married very very late, if they ever do.  Advice: Be yourself and make smart choices.

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V (33), South Africa: “What can I say about the Capetonians?! These guys are either self-centered or gay! Don’t get me wrong, I love gay, but there’s no third option – no choice for me. They don’t want to pay for you, most likely will ask you to “chip in” and have a lack of commitment. They love themselves a lot! And love to be single, especially in summer. But if they’re not single, are very likely to cheat on you. They are most likely to pick you up in the bars, clubs or at the beach. First date usually at the bar – relaxed atmosphere and no pressure. Marriage over 35, I would say even later. On a first date wear something pretty, but simple – a dress and sandals, the Capetonian won’t appreciate crazy heels and bright make-up. Advice: no expectations and be ready to be invited for a ”glass of wine” at their house”.

S (21), USA: “To be very blunt, I don’t think the Capetonian guys are the best. I think while a lot of them are gorgeous and well dressed and fun, they lack a bit of commitment or work ethic. This may be incorrect but around 75% of the CPT guys I know all cheat on their girlfriends. I imagine a guy who loves hiking and coffee and trance music. Maybe surfing and photography. Our first date was actually a hike and coffee, which is so Cape Town. I think American guys are equally as scared of commitment. But American guys dress worse and work harder. So much so, that they become obsessed with money and their position at work. They’re more competitive at work and don’t focus on much outside of life outside of work. Capetonian guys know how to enjoy life more, for sure…with all that nature around Cape Town, how could you not?”


C (24), Germany: “There are several types of guys in Cape Town. Two types I’ve met are the real Capetonians and Afrikaans guys. Afrikaans guys are serious, looking for a wife, not a girlfriend, get married in a young age. Capetonians are very handsome with good bodies. I assume a typical Capetonian does some kind of the extreme sport like surfing/hiking/wake boarding or even all of them. Funny thing is that you can tell by the first date how many friends you have in common, because Cape Town is actually a small town and everyone knows each other. For the first date he is most likely to invite you for drinks. Otherwise for a coffee, hike or a walk on the Promenade. And yes I will expect them to pay. Capetonian guys like good looking, skinny, active girls. You shouldn’t overdress on a first date with a Capetonian guy because they are very relaxed. Not too much make up, they like natural girls and natural beauty. Advice: be prepared to go on many adventures together.”


Luckily, I could get a very interesting and honest opinion from a South African guy about the typical Capetonian man. Could my post be even more objective now? :

K (23), South Africa: “The typical Capetonian man is the small town surfer dude that grew up and moved to the city. He cannot go a week without “klapping” lions head and is either drinking a CBC at Clarkes at night or at Truth Coffee during the day. He almost always has his surfboard in the back of his citi golf and cannot wait to buy a 1986 defender one day because his “ballie had the same one”. When it comes to women, the Capetonian man could learn plenty from their comrades up country. Their idea of the perfect date involves a very casual glass of wine/beer on Bree street while still wearing his jean/plakkie combo, so that the walk on the beach can be that much more accessible, even though he refuses to admit the water is much too cold for anyone to enjoy. If you want to have a Capetonian to wine and dine you, you will have better luck getting bitten by a shark in Gauteng, as he is much too focused on showing you his casual, laid back demeanor. Also, don’t expect him to pay for your meal either, as there is a “sweet  Minolta film camera” at Milnerton market that he has been saving for! When it comes to career, the Capetonian man is extremely ambitious, as he and his buddies are almost always in the studio working on their new surf rock album, and rehearsing their vinyl DJ set for the next Vans party at YoursTruly. At the end of the day, you need to love your Capetonian man for the little things.. like when you forget your hair ties at home and you can steal one from his man bun.”


To sum up, the typical Capetonian guy is most likely to be handsome, well-dressed and sporty, with the well-built body and a lot of love to himself. Prefers to be single, especially when the season comes and doesn’t want to commit in anyway – be it a marriage or just a coffee bill. Maybe it’s not correct to generalize it in this way; obviously there are different kinds of guys in Cape Town, but what was the main sense of my interviews – to get opinions from the different people, even from the different continents.  So, now I can conclude that everything said above takes place and describes the majority of Capetonians.

Отношения с Кейптаунцем – все, что тебе нужно знать о них.

Как вы себе представляете типичного Кейптаунского парня?! Загорелый серфер с выгоревшими прядями волос?:) По крайней мере так себе его представляла я, перед приездом сюда. Еще я была убеждена, что они очень красивы внешне и обладают накаченным телом (что оказалось правдой), основываясь на Инстаграм аккаунтах и личных знакомствах через мою Южноафриканскую подругу Карлу. Но после приезда сюда, все, что я могла услышать от знакомых, это – «Никогда не начинай отношения с Кейптаунцами или типичными парнями из Стелленбоша, если только ты не хочешь «мимолетных развлечений»». Я считаю, что при планировании длительной поездки или даже переезда сюда, хорошо бы знать, чего от них ожидать. У меня нету опыта в отношениях с Кейптаунцем (не считая нескольких нелепых свиданий), поэтому я решила изучить эту тему с помощью коротких бесед с теми, у кого есть этот опыт. Я спрашивала их мнения о Кейптаунских парнях в общем, об их ожиданиях, предпочтениях самих парней, о первом свидании… У моих собеседниц разные истории и разные мнения, но у всех из них есть несколько пунктов которые в итоге выстраивают картинку этого самого Кейптаунца. Итак, 5 девушек, 5 историй, 4 страны. Enjoy!


М (34), ЮАР: «Кейптаунцы – это совершенно отличающееся население этой страны. Когда наступает «сезон», они все хотят быть свободными, из-за изобилия красивых девушек в Кейптауне. На самом деле, я никогда не вступаю в отношения с Кейптаунцами. Почему? Не знаю, просто не складывается, всегда делаю выбор в пользу иностранца. Может быть это что то значит. Кейптаунцы увлекаются фитнесом и уходом за своим телом; они очень осознанно относятся к своему здоровью. Всегда ожидай увидеть у него кубики пресса и те две волшебные линии под ними. Они красивые, но очень разные. Ты встретишь кучу национальностей здесь. Они не особо парятся насчет одежды, на первом свидании – вьетнамки. Продолжая говорить о первом свидании, парни из Джобурга всегда заплатят, Кейптаунцы – очень зависит от ситуации и далеко не факт. Но я, как девушка из ЮАР, буду ждать от них предложения заплатить. Он пригласит тебя в бар на пару коктейлей на первое свидание, вечером или даже на закате. Горячее место для знакомств – бары, мероприятия, маркеты, знаменитый Первый Четверг. Кстати, а ты знала, что Сигнал Хилл считается местом для поцелуев?:) Кейптаунцы предпочитают простых, «приземленных» девушек, которые любят природу, следят за здоровьем, женственны и натуральны (#nomakeup). На первом свидании он будет ждать тебя одетой очень простенько, как и он сам, но у меня свои правила, и мне нравится наряжаться и выглядеть привлекательно. Совет: будь собой, но сохраняй немного загадки для того, чтобы он был заинтригован и хотел узнать больше! »


А (31), Молдова: «Они очень себя любят. Я встречалась с парнем, который работал тренером в фитнес клубе. Я думаю, что он любил свои кубики на прессе больше, чем меня. Мы встречались около года. Он не очень «вкладывался» в эти отношения, ни морально, ни материально. Я помню однажды он решил мне «помочь». У него есть своя квартира, и вместо того, чтобы предложить мне съехаться, он предложил мне переехать к нему и платить за это. Самый «необычный» и скорее всего единственный его сюрприз – плюшевый мишка и пару роз, что конечно никак не сравнится с сюрпризами от наших парней. У одной моей знакомой произошла забавная история. Парень, который ей нравился, предложил приготовить ей ужин у нее же дома. Он купил продукты, они вместе приготовили ужин, но после, не получив «желаемого», он собрал всю до последнего кусочка еду и все купленные им продукты и ушел. Забавно. Что можно сказать о том, кто платит на свидании, в таком случае. Это больше исключение, чем правило. Для сравнения, русский парень в редких случаях не заплатит за тебя. Тут – с точностью наоборот. Плюсы – хорошее тело, чувство юмора и спортивность. Минусы – не хотят серьезных отношений, поздно женятся, если вообще женятся. Совет: Будь собой и делай выбор с умом.»

В (33), ЮАР: «Что я могу сказать о Кейптаунцах?! Эти парни либо самовлюбленные, либо геи. Не пойми меня неправильно, я люблю геев, но тут нету третьего варианта, а значит – нету варианта для меня. Они не хотят за тебя платить, скорее всего попросят внести свою часть в счет за ужин или кофе. Не хотят вкладываться в отношения. Они очень себя любят! И любят быть свободными, особенно летом. А если они не свободны, то очень вероятно, что будут изменять. Чаще всего они пикапят в барах, клубах или на пляже. Первое свидание обычно в баре – раслабленная атмосфера и никакого давления. Женитьба после 35, наверное даже позже. На первом свидании одень что то красивое, но простое – платье и сандали, Кейптаунец не оценит высоченных шпилек или яркого макияжа. Совет: никаких ожиданий и будь готова быть приглашенной на «бокал вина» к нему домой.»


С (21), США: «Откровенно говоря, я не думаю, что Кейптаунцы это пример для подражания. Я думаю, что несмотря на то, что многие из них красивы и хорошо одеты, у них отсутсвует серьезность в плане отношений, так же как и рабочая этика. Это может быть неточной информацией, но примерно 75% Кейптаунских парней, которых я знаю, все изменяют своим девушкам. Я представляю себе парня, который любит хайки, кофе и транс музыку. Может серфинг и фотографию. Нашим первым свиданием был хайк и кофе, так по Кейптаунски. Я думаю, что Американцы точно также боятся серьезных отношений. Но Американцы одеваются хуже и работают усерднее. Настолько усерднее, что они становятся одержимы деньгами и карьерой. Они сфокусированы на работе, а не на жизни. Кейптаунские парни знают как наслаждаться жизнью больше, это точно.. с этой природой повсюду, как они могут не знать?»

К (24), Германия: «Есть несколько «видов» парней в Кейптауне. Два типа парней, которых я встретила – это настоящие Кейптаунцы и парни Африкаанс. Африкаанс очень серьезные парни, ищут жену, не девушку, женятся достаточно рано. Кейптаунцы очень красивые парни с роскошными телами. Я предполагаю, что типичный Кейптаунец занимается каким то экстремальным спортом – серфинг, хайкинг, вейкбординг или всеми тремя. Забавно то, что на первом свидании можно узнать сколько у вас общих друзей, потому что Кейптаун достаточно маленький город и все друг друга знают. На первое свидание он скорее всего пригласит тебя на пару коктейлей в бар. В противном случае – на кофе, хайк или прогулку по променаду. И да, я буду ждать от них предложения заплатить на первом свидании. Кейптаунские парни предпочитают красивых, стройных и активных девушек. Советую не выряжаться на первое свидание с Кейптаунцем, так как они очень раслабленны в этом плане. Не слишком много макияжа, они предпочитают натуральных девушек и натуральную красоту. Совет: будь готова ко многочисленным совместным приключениям.»


У меня получилось узнать очень интересное, смешное и честное мнение Южноафриканского парня о типичном Кейптаунском мужичке. Это очень добавляет объективности к моему посту, но к сожалению я не смогла перевести его на русский язык из-за кучи сленгов и метафор – оно теряет весь смысл и юмор на русском. Learn English!:)

K (23), South Africa: “The typical Capetonian man is the small town surfer dude that grew up and moved to the city. He cannot go a week without “klapping” lions head and is either drinking a CBC at Clarkes at night or at Truth Coffee during the day. He almost always has his surfboard in the back of his citi golf and cannot wait to buy a 1986 defender one day because his “ballie had the same one”. When it comes to women, the Capetonian man could learn plenty from their comrades up country. Their idea of the perfect date involves a very casual glass of wine/beer on Bree street while still wearing his jean/plakkie combo, so that the walk on the beach can be that much more accessible, even though he refuses to admit the water is much too cold for anyone to enjoy. If you want to have a Capetonian to wine and dine you, you will have better luck getting bitten by a shark in Gauteng, as he is much too focused on showing you his casual, laid back demeanor. Also, don’t expect him to pay for your meal either, as there is a “sweet  Minolta film camera” at Milnerton market that he has been saving for! When it comes to career, the Capetonian man is extremely ambitious, as he and his buddies are almost always in the studio working on their new surf rock album, and rehearsing their vinyl DJ set for the next Vans party at YoursTruly. At the end of the day, you need to love your Capetonian man for the little things.. like when you forget your hair ties at home and you can steal one from his man bun.”


Подводя итоги, могу сказать, что типичный Кейптаунский парень скорее всего будет красивым, хорошо одетым и спортивным, с хорошо-сложенным телом и нереальной любовью к самому себе. Предпочитает быть свободным, особенно в «сезон» и не любит серьезности и ответственности в отношениях – будь то свадьба или всего лишь счет за кофе. Может быть это неправильно – так обобщать; очевидно, что в Кейптауне живут совершенно разные парни, но основной смысл моих интервью – собрать мнениях разных людей, даже из разных стран и континетов. Поэтому, сейчас я могу сделать вывод, что все слова, написанные выше, имеют место быть и описывают большинство Кейптаунцев. 🙂

Top 7 breakfast places in Cape Town

People, who are close to me, know that I’m a 100% breakfast person. I can skip my lunch and dinner and spend the whole day not eating, but will never miss my breakfast. My weirdness – I choose the breakfast food not only on a taste criteria, but also on an aesthetics criteria. I looove when the breakfast is served aesthetically. I know it’s perfect when I feel bad to start eating it and ruin the beauty:)

Luckily, Cape Town’s got hundred of places which serve the amazing breakfast. The tastes and choices are incredible – from healthy sugar/gluten/dairy-free meals to wonderful omelettes and eggs fried with bacon. After 4 months of having breakfasts in Cape Town, here are my Top 7 breakfast places!

  1. Nu Health Food

This place I’ve visited the most. Firstly, it’s been located 2 min walking distance from the place where I’ve stayed. Secondly, they have such tasty and the most important – healthy food! Sugar-free banana bread, whey protein blueberry flapjacks, supercharged smoothies and many more dishes!

Personal Recommendation: Banana Bread with sugar-free peanut butter and organic honey (R49/3 Eur) & flat white (R25/1.60 Eur)


  1. Jason’s Bakery

Every capetonian will assure you – Jason’s is a must visit breakfast (and not only) place! It’s got the amazing sweet and savory pastry. Almond croissant – to die for. Famous for it’s cool vibe and the amazing food. I’ve found only one minus – no wifi. For me, the person who usually works during the breakfast out, it is the important criteria. But on the other hand, it is cool to go for a coffee with a friend and have a nice talk, without the disturbing smartphone.

Personal Recommendation: The Bomb (croissant with the poached egg, emmental cheese, bacon – R45/ 2.80 Eur) & Americano (R21/1.30 Euro)


  1. Giulio’s

Giulio’s is a nice bakery and café in the heart of CBD. Pluses – amazing location and the view, fair prices and the good choice of breakfasts – from Italian options till the Jewish Shakshuka.

Personal Recommendation: Plain Croissant (served with butter and jam – R20/1,25 Euro) & Americano (R18/1,10 Eur)


  1. Origin Coffee Roasting

Very popular coffee-shop in Green Point with the cool atmosphere and good coffee. Serves nice breakfasts (mainly savory) and yammy bagels together with the flavored black coffee.

Personal Recommendations: Riccota Flapjacks (weekends only R55/3.40 Eur), Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel (R60/3.75 Eur) & Flat White (R26/1.60 Eur)

  1. Kleinsky’s Delicatessen

Bagels, bagels, bagels! With turkey, lamb, salmon, beef, chicken and many more! Apparently the best bagels in town – #musttry! + unlimited wifi, cozy interior and cool stuff members.

Personal Recommendation: Breakfast Bagel (R50/3.10 Eur) & Cappuccino (R24/1.50 Eur)

Pastrami Bagel at Kleinsky’s
  1. The Loading Bay

My friend’s recommended me this place at the very end of my trip, saying “you should’ve gone there earlier, that’s such your vibe!”. What she meant by “my vibe” is good coffee, cozy interior and people with laptops 🙂

Personal Recommendation: Warm caramel oats (R65/4 Eur) and any coffee!

  1. Bootlegger Coffee Company

This place has become one of my favorite spots in Sea Point – convenient location, chilled atmosphere and coffee(!). I would come there to work on my laptop at least once a week, having a flat white or matcha flat white with an oat&dates cookie. Famous for good coffee and nice burgers.

Personal Recommendation: French toast Banana bread with syrup and a side of bacon (R55/3.40 Eur) & Flat White (R24/1.50 Eur)

Finishing this post being extremely hungry. It’s 8am and it’s time to go search for some new spots! And the funniest thing is that my favorite breakfast spot is a random bakery near the petrol station in Sea Point. I don’t even know the name, but their Italian coffee and almond croissants are something incredible!

Hope this will help you during the next trip to Cape Town! Enjoy your breakfast! xx

Why every blogger should visit Cape Town?! / Почему каждый блоггер должен посетить Кейптаун?!

We are from different continents: some of us are from Europe, others are from America or Asia. Many of us don’t even think that there is a cool and trendy place in Africa(!), furthermore – at the edge of the Africa, which is almost the edge of the world. This place is named Cape Town, and if it’s not on your bucket list yet, confidently add it to the other places to visit!

Мы живем на разных континентах: кто то живет в Европе, кто то в Америке или Азии. Многие из нас даже не подозревают, что есть такое крутое и модное место в Африке(!), более того – на самом краю Африки, что практически означает конец света. Это место называется Кейптаун, и если оно еще не в вашем “Bucket list”, то уверенно добавляйте его в места “маст визит”!img_4862

So why MUST bloggers visit it? And who particularly?

Believe me, every blogger will find their niche in Cape Town. There are not so many big bloggers in Cape Town, their audiences are around 5-20k followers, which isn’t a lot for Europe. High chances you’ll be invited to the media events and will join the community, which is pretty cool! Even though blogging isn’t very developed in Cape Town yet, bloggers who exist are treated very well and are considered as one of the most important channels to advertise a certain product/service.

Так почему же блоггеры должны посетить Кейптаун? И кто именно?

Поверьте, каждый блоггер найдет свою нишу в Кейптауне. Здесь нету блоггеров с миллионами подписчиков, аудитории Кейптаунских блоггеров достигают 5-20 тыс. подписчиков, что очень мало для Европы или же России. Вероятнее всего, вы получите приглашение на медийные и светские мероприятия и присоеденитесь к блоггерскому обществу, что довольно круто! Не смотря на то, что блоггинг еще не очень развит в Кейптауне, существующие блоггеры очень ценятся и реклама через них считается одним из самых важных способов продвижения какого либо продукта или сервиса.

Let’s start with lifestyle blogging, which is the closest topic for me.

I’ve lived in Moldova – which is the Post-Soviet Union country, which has many specifications and a certain mentality, which I’d say you can only meet there, but which is also similar to Russian/Ukrainian/etc. mentality. And I lived in Germany – European country with a hard-working lifestyle, which is the opposite of Moldova in many cases.

I wouldn’t even think that there is a country, which is very different from both Moldova and Germany, but here I am. Capetonian lifestyle is very cool and catchy. They finish earlier on Fridays to go for drinks, they surf on weekends and hike when they’ve got a free minute. The way they work, eat and spend Friday nights is so different, that you won’t have time to describe all these little things. And who from Europe wouldn’t be interested to know how South Africans live? Counting the fact, that many Europeans and Americans immigrate here more than ever before.

Начнем с Лайфстайл(образ жизни) блоггинга, т.к. он наиболее близок мне.

Я жила в Молдове – одна из стран бывшего Советского Союза, у которой много особенностей и определенный менталитет, который, я бы сказала, встречается только там, но и который очень схож с Русским/Украинским/т.п. менталитетом. Так же я жила в Германии – Европейская страна с трудолюбивым образом жизни, которая во много отличается от Молдовы.

Я бы даже не подумала, что существует страна настолько отличающаяся от Германии и от Молдовы, но вот я тут. Кейптаунский образ жизни очень классный и чем то цепляет. Они заканчивают раньше по пятницам, чтобы пойти на дринкс; они серфят по выходным и идут на хайк при любой свободной минуте. То, как они работают, едят и проводят пятницы настолько отличается от других стран, что никогда не будет достаточно времени описать все эти мелочи. Кто из Европы или русско-говорящих стран (с кучей стереотипов об ЮАР)  не был бы заинтересован как живут южноафриканцы? Учитывая факт, что европейцы и американцы иммигрируют сюда больше, чем когда либо.

Food Blogging.

This shouldn’t be even described. There’s nothing to discuss. Cape Town’s got thousands of cafes/restaurants/coffee shops/food markets worth writing about; and the variety of products, which offers anything you can think of in a supermarket, if you prefer to cook! Are you Vegan? Perfect! Hundreds of healthy cafes! Love red meat? Even better! It’s a South African national food! Everyone surely will find something to write about, if we talk about food.

Фуд Блоггинг.

Тут даже и обсуждать нечего. В Кейптауне находятся тысячи кафе/ресторанов/кофешопов/рынков, о которых стоит написать; и огромный выбор продуктов, который предоставляет все, о чем только можно подумать, если вы предпочитаете готовить! Веган? Сотни мест здорового и веганского питания! Любитель красного мяся? Еще лучше, это их национальная еда! Каждый стопроцентно найдет о чем написать, если мы говорим о еде.

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Fashion Blogging.

As you might know, when there’s winter in Europe, there’s summer in Cape Town and vice versa. So, when you’ll come here during your deserved holiday in August, here it will be chilly and people will be wearing and buying stuff, you’ve already put to the furthest shelf in your closet. But now we talk about Fashion and what I want to say is – the collections come half a year later to Cape Town. Pros – you will be the trendiest there and will wear stuff capetonians don’t have access to – easy to get the new audience; cons – sometimes people don’t understand these trends until they see it everywhere in the shops, they take time to get used to it and may look weirdly at you 🙂

One more thing. Cape Town was considered as the most beautiful city in the world – where the nature meets skylines. Can you only think about how cool your fashion outfits will look on such an amazing background for pictures?!

Фэшн Блоггинг.

Как вы можете подозревать, когда в Европе зима, в ЮАР – лето, и наоборот. И когда вы прилетите сюда в Августе, во время заслуженного отпуска, здесь будет прохладно, и люди будут носить и покупать вещи, которые вы уже успели убрать на самую дальнюю полку шкафа. К чему это я? Мы сейчас говорим о моде, и что я хочу сказать – коллекции брэндов доходят в Кейптаун на полгода позже. Плюсы – вы будете самыми стильными, нося вещи из новых коллекций, к которым у Кейптаунцев нет доступа, пока. Это может помочь набрать новую аудиторию, кто оценит ваш вкус и стиль. Минусы – иногда люди не понимают трендов, пока они не увидят их во всех магазниах; им нужно время привыкнуть к ним, и потому, они могут странно поглядывать в вашу сторону 🙂

Еще один момент. Кейптаун был признан самым красивым городом в мире – где природа воссоединяется с небоскребами. Только представьте как ваши свежие луки будут выглядеть на таком нереальном фоне?

Processed with VSCO with kk1 presetimg_4568

Fitness Blogging.

Same as for food – not much to discuss. Everyone practices sports here! I think, it’s the most sporty city I’ve ever visited.

Firstly, here is a great variety of paid fitness services offered – amazing gyms, cross-fit studios, trendy yoga & pilates studios and many more “different” studio with classes, I’ve never heard about. Secondly, you can practice sports, without paying a cent – hiking, jogging, swimming, surfing, cycling, etc.

Every fitness blogger has to visit this city – non-discussable!

Фитнес Блоггинг.

Ну тут так же, как и о еде – мало, что обсуждать. Каждый, каждый(!) занимается спортом здесь. Я думаю, что это самый спортивный город в котором я была. 

Во-первых, здесь очень много платных занятий – крутые залы, кроссфит-студии, модные студии йоги и пилатеса, и сотни других мест, с названиями занятий, о которых я еще даже не слышала. Во-вторых, тут куча возможностей для занятий спортом, не платя ни цента – хождения в гору, бег, плавание, серфинг и т.п.

Каждый фитнес блоггер просто обязан посетить Кейптаун – это даже не обсуждается!

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Surfers in Muizenberg

Travel Blogging.

If you haven’t visited Cape Town, you’re not a travel blogger 🙂 Joking! But it definitely should be first in your “to-visit” list. It is the city which combines Ocean, Mountains with one of them being a wonder of the world and a cool city, with a kind of skylines, good infrastructure and amazing people!

I’ve written only about several blogging categories, surely there are many more, but I’m sure everyone will find something truly amazing in Cape Town and it’s just an amazing city – definitely must-visit at least once in a life time. But be careful while visiting – high chances you won’t want to leave it.

Love your cities, because each one of them is different and is worth writing about! ❤

Трэвел Блоггинг.

Если вы еще не были в Кейптауне, вы не трэвел блоггер 🙂 Шучу! Но этот город несомненно должен занять первое место в списке “посетить”. Это город, который объединяет Океан, горы, одна из которых является чудом света, и крутой город с высотками, хорошей инфраструктурой и потрясающими людьми!

Я написала только о нескольких блоггерских категориях, конечно же их намного больше, но я уверена, что каждый найдет что то особенное для себя в Кейптауне. Это нереальный город – обязательно “маст визит”, хотя бы один раз в жизни. Но будьте осторожны – высоки шансы, что не захочется его покидать.

Любите свои города, потому что абсолютно каждый из них достоин быть описанным в вашем блоге! ❤